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When can one act in self-defense in Washington?

What if you or someone you loved were being attacked? You may need to take defensive measures, even if it means harming the attacker, in order to save your life or the life of a loved one. Such situations can be traumatizing, but what a person in such a situation should not have to fear is that they will face criminal charges as a result.

That is why the state of Washington carves out a legal exemption from violent crimes. If a person must defend himself, a family member or his property, he can do so through reasonable means. In addition, a person is allowed to help another person who has been placed in immediate harm of being assaulted, robbed, kidnapped, raped, killed or harmed of any other type of violent crime. In these situations, a person will not be put in a position of legal jeopardy.

Spokane municipal courts may now hear certain sex crimes

Does a slap on the backside constitute assault in the fourth-degree with sexual motivation? A district court had said "yes," and now municipal courts in Spokane may do the same.

A new law enacted by the city of Spokane provides officers and prosecutors in the city to treat fourth-degree assault as a city misdemeanor. This is significant, as now municipal courts will be granted the authority to decide whether the assault cases they see were sexually motivated. Moreover, the law will provide investigators with more means to track repeat offenders through the collection of DNA material. Now Spokane law will be more in line with state law.

Defending DUI charges with all of our might

Being accused of any crime is a monumental moment in any person's life, and not in a good way. Criminal charges can change your life and make it very difficult to ever lead the life that you wanted before the charges came down. Depending on the charge, the penalties and indirect consequences of the crime will vary. With drunk driving or drugged driving charges, the consequences can be severe.

People who are convicted of a drunk driving charge can face long spells behind bars. They can deal with immense financial penalties, such as increased insurance payments, costs for alternate forms of transportation, and paying for the many different legal processes they will be going through. The list is long, and the punishment is very real.

Spokane man facing drug charges after search incident to arrest

A significant number of drug arrests come after the police engage an individual for another, minor issue. For example, a driver who fails to signal when turning may find their car searched, leading to the discovery of illegal narcotics. The same holds true when the police search an individual as part of an arrest for another criminal offense. In these instances, defendants slapped with drug charges need to know their legal rights so that they can mount the strongest criminal defense possible given the circumstances.

Man arrested on drug and domestic assault charges

For many people who are charged with criminal allegations in Spokane, it is not necessarily one individual crime that has resulted in the arrest and charges, but several stacked up. Individually, criminal charges can cause a litany of problems. In combination, it can be substantially worse. If, for example, a person is arrested on drug charges and this occurred simultaneous to an assault and weapons investigation, he or she will need to make certain they have a lawyer who can provide a comprehensive defense for all they are facing.

A man was arrested on numerous drug and domestic assault charges after law enforcement was called to investigate a disturbance. The incident occurred at around 12:30 a.m. as a 48-year-old man allegedly had an altercation with a woman he had once dated. The individual who reported this to the police said that one of the people had a weapon. It was unclear at the time whether it was a gun or knife. When law enforcement arrived, the man fled on foot. He ran through the apartment complex where this took place and went to the third floor.

Reducing the risk of harsher domestic violence penalties

If you are facing allegations of having committed domestic violence, then you are in for quite a fight. Aggressive prosecutors will probably seek to impose the harshest penalties upon you in the event that you are convicted, which could include a significant prison sentence. In addition to that, a conviction could require you to pay a fine, stay away from your loved ones, and it could seriously damage your reputation. So, what can you do to avoid the harshest of these penalties?

Weapons crime conviction may result in mandatory registration

Guns are aggressively regulated in the state of Washington. That means that those who are accused of violating gun laws can wind up facing serious weapons charges. If convicted, these individuals can be hit with harsh penalties that may include prison time, burdensome fines, and damage to one's reputation. But, the penalties don't end there.

Spokane firm defending against domestic violence claims

Domestic disputes can arise over the smallest things. Of course, arguments over alleged infidelity can become heated, but so too can seemingly innocuous spats between family members regarding things as simple as what to watch on television. Regardless of the surrounding circumstances, when these disputes turn physical, people can end up getting hurt and allegations of domestic violence may be raised. Those who are accused of being the perpetrator of such violence may be in for the fight of their life.

Washington changes timeframe for attempted murder charges

The criminal law is in a constant state of flux. These changes can be critical to Washington residents who are facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing, but most of them are unable to keep abreast of the current state of the law. After all, most people don't think much about the law until it becomes an issue in their lives. Yet, knowing the law in its current state and how it can affect one's criminal defense is crucial, as failing to do so could result in severely negative consequences, including conviction and confinement.

How to suppress evidence in a drug case

Law enforcement in Washington continues to aggressively crack down on those they believe are violating drug laws. Those at the receiving end of these efforts often wind up coming face-to-face with serious drug charges, which, if they result in a conviction, could leave an individual facing a lengthy prison sentence, fines that destroy their finances, and a criminal record that threatens to ruin their reputation.