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Spokane police officer facing criminal charges

Spokane police officers are valuable members of our society. They protect our city and help our citizens. But, when a police officer finds himself on the other side of the law, it can be detrimental to his reputation.

A Spokane police officer is facing numerous charges after his daughter pleaded guilty to kidnapping. The kidnapping victim states she was forced out of her home and taken to an apartment where she was hit by a frying pan by one man and stabbed by the police officer's daughter. The victim was then allegedly put back in the car and driven around. The police officer's daughter then picked up her sister. At this time, the police officer reportedly texted his daughter asking if she was OK. He then called both of them and told his daughter to drive to his house.

Charges dropped against officer accused of domestic violence

Not everyone gets along all the time, and there will be times when spouses or other family members who reside together have arguments. If these arguments get heated enough, one party may call the police, alleging that a physical altercation has occurred. However, a person should not be convicted on domestic violence charges unless there is sufficient evidence to do so.

A Spokane Police officer who was facing a domestic violence charge has had this charge dismissed. The judge's decision was due to the fact that there was not enough evidence against the officer. The prosecution stated that it is not uncommon for cases such as this one to be dismissed.

State of Washington offers alternative sentencing in drug cases

Addiction to drugs can be a terrible thing. It can tear apart families, cost a person their job, rob a person of their health, and, in the worst of circumstances, could even lead to death. Therefore, it is important that those who are addicted to drugs receive the help they need to overcome their addiction.

The state of Washington recognizes an addict's need for help and has a special drug offender sentencing alternative. Rather than simply being thrown in jail for years or even decades due to a conviction on drug charges, individuals may be eligible for this alternative program, which could be either a residential chemical dependency treatment program or a prison-based alternative. In either case, the standard sentence will be waived.

Identity theft is a felony

When people in Spokane thing of felony crimes, they may think of violent crimes, such as murder or sexual assault. However, some felonies are not violent, but can still cause substantial financial harm. These are known as "white-collar crimes," and a common one is identity theft.

Through identity theft, one person uses another's personal or financial information for their own gain. What are some examples of identity theft? Some identity theft scams are "low-tech." For example, a person may find a lost wallet or steal one to obtain and use another person's driver's license. Financial information can also be found by digging through a person's garbage or stealing their mail. Phone scams are another type of low-tech identity theft. Finally, identity theft can take place if a person peers over another person's shoulder while that person is completing a form, entering their password on a computer or entering their personal identification number at an ATM.

College football player accused of domestic violence

Even though it is only summer, college football fans in Washington are eagerly awaiting the start of the football season. However, one football player from Eastern Washington University has lost his spot on the team due to being charged with domestic violence. According to the head coach for the university's football team, it was deemed that the football player should "part ways" with the team because of his arrest.

The football player reportedly went to his estranged girlfriend's home. According to the girlfriend, when she opened the door, the football player forced his way into the apartment, brandishing a steak knife. Other witnesses reported that they thought the football player was behaving aggressively, yelling and cursing. According to the girlfriend, the football player threw the knife onto the ground and then went away when she told him she phoned the police.

What are the consequences of domestic violence charges?

When a couple in Washington has a heated argument, it is often a he-said-she-said situation. However, this does not mean that a person cannot be charged with criminal domestic violence.

Per the Revised Code of Washington section 10.99.040, the court is not allowed to dismiss domestic violence criminal charges just because a civil action based on the same incident is being pursued at the same time. In addition, it is not necessary for the alleged victim to prove that either they or the accused is pursuing a divorce before a person can be charged with domestic violence.

Attorneys fighting for the rights of those facing drug charges

When a person in Spokane is charged with a drug crime, whether the drugs are narcotics, illegally obtained prescription drugs, or methamphetamine, it can be a very confusing and stressful time. Individuals in these situations may not understand the severity of the situation they're in. But, in fact, over the past twenty to thirty years, the penalties associated with drug charges have become more and more serious.

For example, if a person in Washington is convicted on drug possession charges, he or she could face a fine of $10,000, a prison sentence of five years, or both. Moreover, these penalties could increase twofold if it is a repeat offense.

When can one act in self-defense in Washington?

What if you or someone you loved were being attacked? You may need to take defensive measures, even if it means harming the attacker, in order to save your life or the life of a loved one. Such situations can be traumatizing, but what a person in such a situation should not have to fear is that they will face criminal charges as a result.

That is why the state of Washington carves out a legal exemption from violent crimes. If a person must defend himself, a family member or his property, he can do so through reasonable means. In addition, a person is allowed to help another person who has been placed in immediate harm of being assaulted, robbed, kidnapped, raped, killed or harmed of any other type of violent crime. In these situations, a person will not be put in a position of legal jeopardy.

Spokane municipal courts may now hear certain sex crimes

Does a slap on the backside constitute assault in the fourth-degree with sexual motivation? A district court had said "yes," and now municipal courts in Spokane may do the same.

A new law enacted by the city of Spokane provides officers and prosecutors in the city to treat fourth-degree assault as a city misdemeanor. This is significant, as now municipal courts will be granted the authority to decide whether the assault cases they see were sexually motivated. Moreover, the law will provide investigators with more means to track repeat offenders through the collection of DNA material. Now Spokane law will be more in line with state law.

Defending DUI charges with all of our might

Being accused of any crime is a monumental moment in any person's life, and not in a good way. Criminal charges can change your life and make it very difficult to ever lead the life that you wanted before the charges came down. Depending on the charge, the penalties and indirect consequences of the crime will vary. With drunk driving or drugged driving charges, the consequences can be severe.

People who are convicted of a drunk driving charge can face long spells behind bars. They can deal with immense financial penalties, such as increased insurance payments, costs for alternate forms of transportation, and paying for the many different legal processes they will be going through. The list is long, and the punishment is very real.