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State Supreme Court nixes police search and dismisses charges

Anywhere in the country, including Washington, law enforcement officers have the authority to stop motorists and anyone else using public roadways. Police authority, however, is not unlimited and cannot violate an individual's civil rights without due process. An officer can stop and search a person but only when there is probable cause for such a search.

That limitation recently played itself out when the Washington Supreme Court ruled that a September 2011 search by police was unconstitutional and thus a drug conviction was not valid. According to court documents, a Centralia police officer pulled a cyclist over for a minor traffic violation. The man was frisked, which the court ruled was allowable. The officer found a small box in one pocket of the man's pants and opened it. The officer allegedly found a syringe containing methamphetamine. The man was arrested and charged with drug possession.

Spokane man accused of using large knife in burglary and rape

Violent crimes in which deadly weapons are used seriously threaten community security whether in Washington or Delaware. This is why local governments and law enforcement authorities do their best to curb weapons crimes in order to keep residents safe. For this reason, criminal charges involving weapons are felonies and carry far more serious consequences for anyone convicted of them.

A 29-year-old Spokane man may well find this out for himself following his recent arrest on charges of burglary and felony first-degree rape of a woman who happened to be his girlfriend's neighbor. According to Spokane police, the alleged incident occurred one night when a woman was raped at knife point by the suspect. It is claimed that he had entered her home without permission around 10:15 p.m. and raped her. When she called police, they noticed that her throat had been cut. A wallet found at the scene apparently fell out of the suspect's pocket when the victim resisted. When police noticed the suspect standing nearby as police investigated the crime scene, they approached and he allegedly ran. He was apprehended shortly after. The identity of the victim has been withheld.

Spokane man arrested on sex charges released without bail

Just the simple allegation of criminal conduct can change someone's life. In Washington, like elsewhere in the country, the impact can be compounded if the allegations involve children or minors. Crimes such as child sexual abuse, sex trafficking and sexual assault can result in substantial prison time and other harsh consequences for anyone convicted of them.

Harsh consequences may be what a 53-year-old Spokane man may be facing after police accused him of the sexual solicitation of a 15-year-old girl who turned out to be an undercover Seattle detective. According to police, last August the man posted an online advertisement stating his age and requesting sex with a "young skinny girl." The undercover detective allegedly responded to the ad posing as a juvenile female and began a correspondence that included graphic sexual descriptions. After several months of contact, the Spokane man was arrested and charged with communication with a minor for immoral purposes and commercial sexual abuse involving a minor.

Authorities arrest six people for distributing methamphetamine

Washington is one of many states that implements strict laws to prevent the use and distribution of drugs and other prohibited substances. In Spokane, Washington, residents should note that even a small quantity of a drug can land them in jail. Often, law enforcement officers conduct traffic stops for minor violations, perhaps in an effort to catch drivers who might be driving under the influence of drugs. Authorities also pursue drivers who are showing signs of intoxication. A subsequent search of an individual's vehicle may lead to him or her being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the type of drug and quantity allegedly involved.

Spokane man jailed for alleged domestic violence

Most disputes between couples - married or unmarried - rarely become violent, but when they do, one or both parties can face criminal charges depending on the nature of the incident and the extent of the violence and any injuries. Unfortunately, Washington state, like other states, has enough incidents of domestic violence that law enforcement officers and prosecutors take them seriously and will not hesitate to arrest those they believe present a real danger.

Charges filed against late-night bicyclist found with weapons

Authorities in Spokane Valley are on the job day and night working to keep crime to a minimum and residents safe from unseen predators who seek to steal at a minimum and often want to do harm to others. Of particular concern is any crime involving a deadly weapon. Any individual caught with a weapon, however, should remember that criminal charges cannot be filed without law enforcement officers following due process procedures.

According to the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, deputies recently stopped a 20-year-old man in the residential neighborhood around South Thierman Road and Third Avenue after observing him riding a bicycle in the middle of the street without headlights late at night. A search of his belongings uncovered burglary tools, binoculars, gloves, plastic handcuffs often used by police, five knives and a small quantity of heroin. The man admitted to deputies at the scene that he had two outstanding felony warrants for possession of controlled substances. He was arrested and is being held in the Spokane County Jail on $5,000 bond.

Washington man charged with drug possession

Selling, transporting and illegally importing illicit drugs and controlled substances may result in a serious criminal offense in Washington and throughout the United States. Readers should note that drug possession charges are different from drug distribution because the latter may lead to a more severe punishment.

Recently in Spokane Valley, Washington, a 46-year-old man was taken into custody for allegedly trying to sell methamphetamine. The arrest was made after an individual contacted the police and informed them that a man was allegedly trying to sell him illegal drugs. The complaint indicated the man was wearing a hat, jeans and a blue shirt. The police claim that they saw a man was walking in their direction that fit the said description. Authorities claimed that the man changed his direction and walked through a residential street before when he saw the deputies.

Washington man faces criminal charges for abusing girlfriend

While minor bouts of disagreement may be commonplace in a relationship, if these arguments progress to physical harm, the abused victim must seek help. Domestic violence cases in Washington State unfortunately do occur and this kind of abuse affects both men and women. In order to prevent domestic violence, laws were created to protect the victim and harshly punish the person who caused physical or emotional harm to the victim.

Spokane man allegedly threatens woman with a weapon

Spokane residents often hear about weapons used by assailants in crimes such as robbery and assault. Suspects use weapons such as knives or guns in order to threaten their victims and commit the illegal activity. Because of the serious nature of weapon charges, the accused will want to make sure they develop the strongest possible argument in their favor.

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