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Computer crimes and the wide-ranging CFAA

Computer crimes include exploiting children, identity theft, computer fraud and more. These crimes often violate federal law and require a strong criminal defense.

There are many reasons why a resident of Washington State could end up in federal court over alleged computer crimes. For example, a person may be charged with a violation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which addresses fraud committed via computer. The CFAA makes it a federal crime to exceed authorized access to a computer and obtain information deemed by the government to require protection against such unauthorized access.

Accusations of witness tampering for Idaho defendant

When a person is accused of a crime in Washington or Idaho, it can be a confusing and increasingly complicated ordeal. Sometimes a person is charged with a crime and then later additional charges are added or dropped. At times the defendant's relationship with witnesses can also complicate criminal charges and highlight the need for a skilled and thorough criminal defense.

One of the many types of criminal charges that can be added to a person's list of charges is witness tampering. Recently, a 27-year-old Idaho man was charged with just that after - according to police - he went through third parties to attempt to get his girlfriend to tell a different story. The Northern Idaho resident has already been charged with aggravated battery, kidnapping and attempting to strangle his girlfriend.

What can be seized with a warrant in Washington?

Having a warrant out for one's arrest can be an exceptionally stressful situation. Sometimes people charged with a crime don't understand the judicial system, don't have the financial resources to pay fines and fees related to their case, and many others may fear having their rights infringed upon or otherwise being taken advantage of by a system they don't understand. A Spokane criminal defense attorney can assist a person who currently has a warrant out for his or her arrest or who has been recently charged with a drug crime.

In Washington State, a warrant may also be used for the purpose of search and seizure. A search warrant is issued by the court and can be requested by either a prosecutor or a peace officer. However, it can be issued only if there is "probable cause" for the warrant's issuance. In other words, there must be valid evidence supporting the request made by the officer or prosecuting attorney who requested the warrant. This evidence may be in the form of sworn testimony or affidavits.

Washington man faces charges of domestic violence murder

Domestic violence is undoubtedly a serious problem in Spokane and throughout Washington State. When family conflict gets out of hand, many different people can be affected, particularly the youngest members of a family. Whether domestic violence accusations involve romantic partners or children, there are likely to be serious consequences for a person who ends up with a domestic violence conviction. These can involve time behind bars, court-ordered counseling and a criminal record that impedes a person's ability to move forward in life.

Consequently, avoiding a criminal conviction on domestic violence charges is key to re-orienting one's life after a disruptive episode or bad decision. Part of avoiding a conviction is educating oneself regarding one's legal options and opportunities; speaking with a Spokane criminal defense attorney can be an enlightening experience for someone thrust into a very tumultuous situation.

A solid defense against the most serious of felony charges

When a person has been charged with taking the life of another, that person often assumes the worst. This assumption is understandable, as prosecutors in Washington State and Idaho tend to be extremely aggressive in pursuing homicide convictions. However, there are important legal strategies, options and approaches that can turn the tide for a defendant. An individual faced with this most serious charge can avail themselves of the help of a highly-experienced criminal defense attorney.

When people think of the word "homicide," they often equate it with murder - sometimes even linking it automatically to first-degree murder. However, homicide is not synonymous with murder; for example, fatally wounding someone in an act of self-defense is generally not considered murder under the law, nor is accidentally striking someone with a car or other accidental yet fatal actions. An experienced defense attorney can explain how the state defines various charges and what the implications are for a defendant, as well as for the prosecution.

Immediate Restraining Orders in Washington State

When family conflict escalates, it may result in accusations of domestic violence. Allegations of domestic violence are not taken lightly by Washington State authorities, as there are stiff penalties for those who are convicted on charges of domestic violence. In any event, some Spokane residents may find themselves in the situation of having a restraining order taken out against them.

Larceny and its status as a potential federal crime

When it comes to many offenses committed in Washington State, a person may be charged with a crime at either the state or federal level. For example, in some circumstances, larceny may be charged at the federal level. A person facing federal charges is often wise to seek out a criminal defense attorney experienced in defending against federal crimes.

Larceny is typically defined as a type of theft -- usually, state and federal statutes define larceny as the taking of another person's property, but without the use of force. If the use of force is involved, or if authorities believe force was involved, a person might find themselves facing different charges, such as armed robbery or various weapons charges. Frequently, the theft of a vehicle falls under the definition of larceny. Unlike robbery, this type of theft often does not involve the use of force.

What are a defendant's rights during a criminal trial?

In many instances, a person in Washington charged with a crime does not go to trial. He or she may reach a favorable plea negotiation, usually with the help of a criminal defense attorney, or the charges can be dropped. For some types of criminal charges, often drug charges, a diversion program may be available that results in an outcome beneficial to the individual and avoids a criminal conviction.

However, in some cases a criminal trial is a necessary part of the criminal justice process. Still, as with many aspects of the criminal justice system, a person's rights can be diminished, overlooked or even trampled-upon as they feel powerless against the state. It is important to remember that Washington State residents charged with a crime do have key rights after an arrest and leading up to -- and during -- a criminal trial.

Fundraiser for prominent politician facing drug charges

Criminal charges have the potential to seriously damage a person's reputation. From the moment a person is charged with a drug crime, the wheels of the justice system begin turning and often not in the defendant's favor. When facing drug charges, it can be very constructive to obtain professional help from a Spokane drug crimes attorney.

Even if a person has a great job and a solid professional reputation, drug charges can change everything. A recent news story from another state demonstrates the severe ramifications of being labeled a drug user. Residents of Washington are likely familiar with Arizona Senator John McCain, who ran for President of the United States several years ago. One of his many fundraisers made national headlines recently when she was arrested for a variety of drug charges.

Confronting federal allegations with the full story

Those who are accused of certain crimes may assume they have little in the way of effective defenses against a conviction. After all, computers contain tons of data and law enforcement often has multiple agents working on gathering data and prosecuting offenders. Many computer crimes involve the pressing of federal charges. When this happens, a defendant may want to seek professional advice immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a variety of defenses that can be used against federal charges in the area of computer crimes. As with other types of searches and seizures, police at all levels must follow specific procedures in order to protect the suspect's constitutional rights. If these rights are violated, a skilled defense attorney can scrutinize the legal situation and bring misconduct or unlawful police behavior to the attention of the judge. This could result in dismissed charges or a plea agreement that entails far fewer penalties than a conviction otherwise would.