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Customs agents arrest man with meth in luggage

It is not unheard of, or illegal, to be traveling out of Mexico with a bottle or two of tequila in your luggage. However, it is highly illegal if those bottles contain anything other than alcohol, especially illicit drugs.

A Mexican national is currently being held on drug charges after authorities allegedly found five kilograms of liquid methamphetamines stowed away in his luggage. The man was stopped by Customs and Border Patrol agents after arriving at the Sea-Tac Airport on a flight from Mexico.

According to court documents, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security sent special agents to the scene when a routine border search of the man's bags uncovered the questionable bottles. Upon being questioned by authorities, the man allegedly admitted to knowing that the bottles contained narcotics. Agents involved in the search claim that the suspect also admitted that he was transporting the liquid methamphetamine to an individual in Spokane, Washington, for an unspecified amount of financial compensation.

Federal authorities stated that there is probably cause to charge this man with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, due to the alleged contents of his luggage. If convicted of this crime, the suspect could face a maximum sentence of ten or more years.

The charges this man is now facing as a result of his alleged actions could have life-altering consequences, even if he isn't convicted. If you are faced with any degree of drug-related offenses, having a skilled attorney on your side may be of interest to you.

Source:, "Federal Prosecutors: Man Arrested at Sea-Tac with 5 Kilograms of Meth Inside Two Tequila Bottles," Matt Driscoll, Jan. 8, 2013

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