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June 2013 Archives

Mom indicted for marijuana trafficking

While Washington has legalized the use of marijuana, in many states its use is still illegal. On May 20, the DEA raided a Queens, NY, location and uncovered a cache of marijuana worth $3 million and 3,000 maturing plants. The highly sophisticated drug enterprise was being run by a 45-year-old mother of two from Scarsdale, NY. Charged with and indicted for marijuana possession with intent to distribute and for maintaining a warehouse used as a marijuana growth center, the woman faces at least 10 years of prison and as many millions in fines.

Government claims phone and internet record searches are legal

Washington residents may be interested to know that government spokesmen argued that searching phone and internet records is entirely legal. According to the fourth amendment, however, all American citizens have rights against any unreasonable searches and seizures of their personal property, including these internet and phone records. Further, search warrants cannot be issued without probable cause. If the government does conduct and unreasonable search, the criminal defense may be able to argue that the search was illegal and the evidence from the search may be excluded.

Washington man charged with federal drug trafficking charges

A local-area Washington man stands accused of numerous federal drug trafficking crimes after a police investigation. Authorities arrested the 53-year-old man and initially charged him with state drug trafficking crimes. The state drug charges were then dropped in favor of the more severe federal charges.

Man accused of stabbing wife: $1 million bail

Spokane residents may be intrigued to hear that a Monroe man accused of stabbing his wife on May 31st is currently being held on $1 million bail. The man from Monroe was arrested on domestic violence charges after he supposedly stabbed his wife with a butcher knife.