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Washington man charged with federal drug trafficking charges

A local-area Washington man stands accused of numerous federal drug trafficking crimes after a police investigation. Authorities arrested the 53-year-old man and initially charged him with state drug trafficking crimes. The state drug charges were then dropped in favor of the more severe federal charges.

The local narcotics investigation began after authorities received a tip that the man accused had been engaging in the sale of cocaine and methamphetamine at two Spokane residences. Investigators used police informants to allegedly purchase narcotics from the suspect on four separate occasions. It was after the fourth alleged drug buy that police then served a warrant on the residences. Police reportedly found evidence of unlawful drug activity and items that appeared to be stolen.

The accused in this case faces federal felony drug charges that could amount to large amounts of jail time if not successfully disproven or negotiated to a lesser plea. The accused's legal counsel may have a couple of options at their disposal. The attorney may try to attack the initial tip that lead police to the accused or may even try to discredit the witness accounts of the police informants who allegedly bought drugs from the accused. If the informant's tips and testimony prove to be untrustworthy, the attorney may be successful in having the entire search suppressed as it may be the product of unreliable information.

The possible strategy suggested above would only be worthwhile if it were executed by an experienced criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney would more likely be aware of the plausible arguments that need to be made in order to get unlawfully gathered evidence suppressed. The attorney may also know how to verify the trustworthiness of the police informants used in these types of drug prosecutions through stringent questioning.

Source:, "Moses Lake man faces federal charges for drug trafficking", Cameron Probert , June 03, 2013

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