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Washington man charged in fatal shooting

A 31-year-old Washington man has been charged with second-degree murder for his part in the fatal shooting of a man believed to be a member of his own street gang. The alleged shooting took place in Outlook on Aug. 4th. He was also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of methamphetamine.

According to police records, the man who was shot, a 29-year-old from Sunnyside, had previously sent an angry text message to the person charged with the shooting. The man who was shot reportedly had been upset that the alleged shooter was spending time with a rival gang member and longtime friend. According to the arrest report, the alleged shooter and rival gang member instructed the Sunnyside man to deliver a quantity of methamphetamine to them in Outlook on Sunday.

Sometime after he arrived, according to the report, an argument ensued in which the charged man ordered the man who was killed to turn over the drugs and an unspecified amount of money. The shooter drew a gun, a .38-caliber revolver. When witnesses tried to grab the weapon, a shot was fired, hitting the 29-year old.

The shooter and his friend took the man to Sunnyside Community Hospital and told hospital staff that the injured man was shot by someone from a passing car. The police report indicates that the gunman attempted to hide the container of drugs, valued at least $1,000, inside one of the seats at the hospital waiting room. The man charged remains in custody.

Criminal charges in a case similar to this carry with them the possibility of many years in prison. Washington residents facing weapons charges could benefit from consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Whether the accused chooses to pursue a plea bargain or to fight the charges in court, an attorney may be able to determine the best course of action.

Source: Yakima Herald Republic, "Murder charge filed in Outlook shooting death", August 09, 2013

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