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September 2013 Archives

Seattle man charged with selling drugs to minors

A man in Seattle has been charged in federal court with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and two counts of distribution. The charges stem from the man allegedly selling the marijuana to high school children.

Police charge two men in Spokane robberies

Two men are facing charges for committing armed robberies earlier this year in the Spokane area. The men allegedly first chose Pizza Rita as their first target, with one man using a gun to compel the store worker to give him cash, while the second man operated a vehicle in which the two men could evade law enforcement. Pizza Rita is located at 5511 N. Wall St. and was robbed on May 22. The second target, Herbal Connections, was allegedly robbed by the same two men using the same method on May 27.

Police say stolen items were found in WA storage unit

A 26-year-old Washington couple was taken into custody in August after police raided their storage unit and allegedly found items stolen in a string of recent burglaries. The man and woman both face a number of criminal charges. Police allege that the couple had committed over 80 robberies since June 2012. Charges against the man were still pending. The woman faces charges of burglary, theft and possession of stolen property.

Motel drug raid ends year-long investigation

Three Washington motels were raided and shut down after an investigation led authorities to believe that the properties were being used for illegal drug activity and prostitution, reports claim. Federal prosecutors filed charges of intent to distribute cocaine and attempted cocaine dealing against seven men, four of whom were taken into custody during the raid.