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Motel drug raid ends year-long investigation

Three Washington motels were raided and shut down after an investigation led authorities to believe that the properties were being used for illegal drug activity and prostitution, reports claim. Federal prosecutors filed charges of intent to distribute cocaine and attempted cocaine dealing against seven men, four of whom were taken into custody during the raid.

The year-long investigation, which had been led by U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, had been aided by Tukwila law enforcement. Police went undercover to set up crack cocaine deals with the defendants, which resulted in their arrest.

According to records, the motel owners charged standard room rates, and an extra fee was charged for customers wishing to use the rooms for buying drugs. In the years prior, the motels have been grounds for other drug-related incidents and have been shut down following the raid. Those who were permanent residents of the properties were ultimately asked to leave and were directed to social services to find other places to live.

Drug-related charges can carry serious consequences and can be confusing for those without knowledge of the states' possession and distribution laws. During a drug charge case, it is important for all evidence to be gathered to ensure the arrest was warranted and that the defendants rights have not been violated. Drug diversion programs set up by the court before or after sentencing may be available for defendants as well, depending on prior records and the severity of the current charge. A criminal defense attorney may be a good resource for any questions or concerns for those charged with a drug crime.

Source:, "Feds raid Tukwila motels in drug investigation", Lynsi Burton, August 27, 2013

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