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Police charge two men in Spokane robberies

Two men are facing charges for committing armed robberies earlier this year in the Spokane area. The men allegedly first chose Pizza Rita as their first target, with one man using a gun to compel the store worker to give him cash, while the second man operated a vehicle in which the two men could evade law enforcement. Pizza Rita is located at 5511 N. Wall St. and was robbed on May 22. The second target, Herbal Connections, was allegedly robbed by the same two men using the same method on May 27.

The two men have been located and are now in police custody. They are being held on suspicion of the two robberies.

The 27-year-old accused has a criminal history that includes an arrest for robbing a Hot Toddy's coffee stand in June. He is accused of taking the car of a barista after assaulting her with pepper spray. He has already been incarcerated on suspicion of committing that robbery. The other accused has two charges of negligent driving on his record. Bond was set for one of the men at $35,000, while the other accused man has yet to appear in court for his bond hearing.

Criminal charges of robbery in the state of Washington can result in very serious consequences if there is a conviction. Because a conviction of robbery, which is considered a violent offense, may result in a prison sentence lasting several years, it may be advantageous to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney. Because the facts of each case are unique, an effective defense strategy may be tailored and presented in court either to contest the charges or to negotiate an acceptable plea agreement involving a reduction in charges. The goal of every criminal defense attorney is to obtain the very best outcome for the client under the circumstances.

Source: The Spokesman-Review , "Two arrested in connection with Spokane robberies", Kaitlin Gillespie, September 09, 2013

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