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Washington man taken into custody for alleged attack

Police took a Spokane man into custody for an alleged drug-related assault on a couple. Spokane police said the man had apparently taken the law into his own hands to get revenge against people he thought had stolen from him. The 27-year-old suspected drug dealer faces criminal charges in connection with the alleged attack.

The incident happened when a man and woman went to a house on East Queen to purchase crack cocaine from a drug dealer there. Unknown to them, the defendant was waiting in a back bedroom. The defendant allegedly thought the couple had burglarized his apartment and stolen drugs and thousands of dollars in cash. After the couple was inside the house, the defendant allegedly appeared, accused them of stealing from him and attacked them with a heavy metal pipe.

According to reports, the woman took the man to Holy Family Hospital where doctors treated him for deep cuts to his face and head that all the way to the bone. The woman told medical personnel the defendant had cut her hair off. She later alleged he had raped her with a foreign object. Police took the defendant into custody within two days, according to a report published Oct. 3.

The defendant was remanded to Spokane County Jail with bail set at $50,000. Police were still investigating the woman's claims of sexual assault. Police reportedly described the attack as typical of how things were done in the drug world.

Under Washington's three-strike law, an assault can count as a strike. A criminal defense lawyer could assess the circumstances in order to prepare a case to help obtain the best possible outcome. A lawyer could present his client's story to the judge and jury in such a way that it enables them to see the defendant as a real person and identify with the his circumstances.

Source: KXLY, "Police arrest suspect after assault on couple", Jeff Humphrey, October 03, 2013

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