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4 adults charged in Steubenville rape cover-up

People in Washington and across the nation are watching as four school employees could face charges after a grand jury indictment on Nov. 25 in the Steubenville rape case. The indictment was not specific about the criminal charges against the school superintendent, an assistant football coach, a strength coach and the grade-school principal in the case. However, the adults are accused of either obstructing the investigation or failure to report child abuse, along with other charges. In October, the school technology director was also charged with obstruction of justice. The grand jury has finished their indictments in the case unless additional evidence is uncovered.

The Ohio Attorney General observed that if the students were going to be held accountable in the rape of a 16-year-old high school student by two members of the football team, the adults should be as well. He explained that the adults weren't concerned about what happened to the teen who was violated but were focused on other things.

The Steubenville rape case became a firestorm of controversy when the case came to the surface. Some thought that the other students and adults needed to be charged in the case. The Ohio Attorney General elaborated that a grand jury needs to find valid reasons to indict someone. Ultimately, two teens, 16 and 17, were convicted of rape and sentenced to a minimum of 12 months in a juvenile facility. The girl's attorney was happy with the results of the case and felt that the investigation was thorough.

In some cases, public outcry could mean that a person is unfairly accused of a crime. A criminal defense attorney might be able to determine the level of a person's knowledge about and involvement in a crime and fight for the rights of clients.

Source: NBC News, "Steubenville case: Four more charged, including superintendent, volunteer coach", Tracy Connor, November 25, 2013

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