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Drug deal leads to fatal shooting in Washington

Prosecutors are still undecided about whether to charge a man with murder following a fatal shooting that happened in Federal Way. According to a spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office, a charge for unlawful gun possession against the shooter was dropped before the case was moved to federal court. When the incident occurred, the man was reportedly carrying a loaded firearm despite having at least one felony conviction on his record.

The incident took place in October while a 35-year-old man and his associate were allegedly involved in a drug deal. While attempting to sell marijuana to two brothers, the man and his associate were instead threatened with armed robbery when the brothers pointed firearms in their direction. The 35-year-old man then drew a gun himself and fired several shots at the brothers as they ran away. One brother was hit and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The alleged shooter and the 19-year-old brother who survived the shooting were both indicted for drug and gun charges by a grand jury. Prosecutors are reportedly referring to the case as a drug deal gone bad.

An attorney may be able to help the 35-year-old man to build a solid defense against any charges he may face as a result of this incident. If the man does end up being charged for murder, he may be able to convince a judge that he acted in self-defense. The man may also be able to have any possible drug charges reduced by establishing that he was not involved in a large drug trafficking operation.

Source: KHQ, "Federal charges in deadly Federal Way drug deal", January 08, 2014

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