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Washington man says drugs found in his pocket were not his

A Spokane County sheriff accused a man of being in possession of methamphetamine after an incident on Harrington Avenue. After he was taken into custody, the 36-year-old man received a felony drug possession charge. Although the drugs were discovered on his person, the man has claimed that the pants he was wearing were borrowed, and he had no knowledge of what was in the pockets.

The incident took place at around 10 p.m. when a deputy noticed the accused man exit a vehicle with a flashlight. Because there had been vehicle prowlings going on in the area, the deputy was suspicious of the man's behavior. After approaching the man, the deputy noticed him repeatedly reach for his right pants pocket. The man allegedly refused to stop reaching for his pocket when he was asked to do so.

According to the deputy, the accused man was familiar to him even before he learned about a warrant that was out for his arrest. The deputy performed a search and allegedly discovered a clear plastic baggie containing a substance suspected of being an illegal drug. A test that was conducted some time later determined that the substance was in fact meth.

In order to build his defense, the man may decide to gather proof about his claim that the pants were borrowed. It's possible that he could demonstrate that he was not intentionally possessing the drug or present witnesses who can testify that his story is true. If the man has not been charged for a drug crime before, he may also establish his innocence by testifying that he is not a drug user.

Source: The Spokesman Review, "Drug suspect denies pants he’s wearing belong to him", January 15, 2014

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