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Police suspect 16-year-old girl is connected to robberies

A 16-year-old Washington girl was taken into custody by the Seattle Police Department on Feb. 6. She is facing criminal charges for her alleged connection with a series of robberies in the city that began in December 2013.

Sources say a woman told police that she was approached by a teen girl at about 6 p.m. as she walked in Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood on Jan. 8. The woman claimed that the teen shoved her and used pepper spray in an attempt to take her purse. The alleged attack occurred after the woman had refused to allow the teen to borrow her cell phone. The teen is said to have then left in a nearby car.

Another robbery was committed the next morning at about 1 a.m. near East Spruce Street and 12th Avenue. Police report that they received a similar description of the assailant after the second incident. Officers took the girl into custody near Pike Street and Third Avenue following an investigation, and police say that they believe the teen may have been involved in December robbery in downtown Seattle. She was subsequently booked into the Youth Services Center.

All individuals accused of a crime are presumed innocent under the law until their guilt has been established beyond any reasonable doubt. The constitution also contains safeguards to ensure that the rights of accused individuals are respected during a police investigation. A criminal defense attorney may review a case to ensure that evidence was collected properly. They may also question witness statements and descriptions, which can sometimes be unreliable. The background and motivation of an individual charged with a crime could also be brought up in a defense, and this is especially true when a minor is involved.

Source: KOMO, "Teen girl arrested in connection with Seattle robberies", Michael Harthorne, February 07, 2014

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