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Washington man detained after alleged involvement in 30 robberies

Seattle police allege that the 44-year-old man they detained after observing him put on a mask, enter a Key Bank and emerge with a large sum of money is responsible for 30 area bank robberies. The robberies were originally believed to be the work of two different people due to the use of two different masks. One mask was tight-fitting and looked metallic while the other was simply cloth with holes cut in it.

However, investigators began to believe that all of the crimes were perpetrated by the same person due to a number of similarities between each of the cases. First, no weapon was used in any of the robberies. In addition, the individual who was robbing the banks was always wearing latex gloves. Finally, all the alleged robberies occurred in the same two-county area.

The FBI worked with local law enforcement on the case. Eventually, the van that was driven by the man facing charges was identified. After putting the vehicle under surveillance, investigators spent two hours following the van near the University of Washington campus where a branch of Key Bank is located. Authorities were waiting for the man as he left the bank after the alleged robbery. Bail for the man, a resident of Everett, has been set at $750,000.

A bank robbery often leads to federal charges, and a defendant in such a case may want to consult with a defense attorney. A defense attorney may work with the client as well as federal prosecutors to get the best possible outcome for his or her client. This might include plea bargaining or other strategies to get charges reduced.

Source: FBI, "Bank Robbery."

Source: CBS, "Cops: Masked Seattle Bank Robber Caught, Linked to 30 Heists", February 13, 2014

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