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Washington man detained after police raid

Spokane residents may be interested to learn that a 43-year-old Quincy man has been detained by police after a raid on his home allegedly uncovered methamphetamine. He has been charged with drug possession, unlawful possession of a firearm and the possession and trafficking of stolen property. The incident took place on Jan. 27 in Grant County.

Authorities say that they had been receiving numerous complaints regarding traffic to and from the accused man's home; according to one sheriff, they had monitored the residence for at least two years. In addition, police detectives claim that they were personally sold methamphetamine by the defendant during the course of an undercover investigation. Police allege that they also found stolen items including computers, firearms, collector coins and more. The accused man was taken into custody at the scene and transported to Grant County Jail.

Under constitutional law, homes are afforded a large amount of protection from search and seizure. In order to effectuate a search of a defendant's home, police either need to establish reason to believe that some crime is being committed and secure a warrant or claim some form of exigent circumstance such as a threat to public safety that prompts a need for a warrant. Moreover, in some cases the official who signs the warrant designates a limited scope for the search in question such as allowing officers to search the defendant's personal effects that are out in the open but not those inside a locked container.

In a case like this, a review of the law enforcement investigation against the defendant could be helpful to ascertain whether appropriate legal procedure was used. In some cases, it might be possible to have certain evidence suppressed on procedural grounds.

Source: KREM, "Narcotics team raids suspected Grant Co. drug house", January 28, 2014

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