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March 2014 Archives

Criminal defense: teenager charged with multiple offenses

Spokane Police officers are very strict when following Washington State law to maintain peace and order. When someone is arrested on criminal charges, it means that they have broken the law and police have substantial evidence to press charges against them. Once arrested, the criminal charges against the accused can vary. They can range from simple misdemeanors to more serious charges, including felonies. Depending on the gravity of the offense, a suspect can likely face prison sentence and other serious consequences.

Law enforcement departments coordinate to bring drug charges

The Spokane Police Department is tasked with enforcing the laws of the state of Washington as well as regulations and ordinances specific to the community. When individuals in the city are suspected of violating federal laws, local authorities are known to work with other departments and agencies to coordinate their efforts for catching alleged criminals.

Legislation may force some to surrender guns

The Washington legislature recently passed a bill that could allow courts to order individuals charged with domestic violence to surrender all of their firearms if a restraining order has been filed against them. The bill - House Bill 1840 - requires courts to provide individuals with a hearing before confiscating their weapons.

Man found with stolen weapons and truck deemed mentally ill

Washington residents may remember the 22-year-old man arrested for bringing a Dodge Ram with two weapons and six Molotov cocktails into Seattle's University District on July 3, 2013. University of Washington security personnel discovered him sleeping in a truck with Montana plates that day. After police discovered that the truck had been reported stolen in Montana, they took the man into custody and searched the truck, finding the weapons and body armor.

2 taken into custody for allegedly distributing meth

Two Washington residents, a 29-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, were taken into police custody on Feb. 23 after they were charged with involvement in a methamphetamine distribution ring. A third person, a 47-year-old woman, was also thought to be involved but police had not taken her into custody at the time the report was released.