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Law enforcement departments coordinate to bring drug charges

The Spokane Police Department is tasked with enforcing the laws of the state of Washington as well as regulations and ordinances specific to the community. When individuals in the city are suspected of violating federal laws, local authorities are known to work with other departments and agencies to coordinate their efforts for catching alleged criminals.

A recent drug sting demonstrates just how this coordination happens. Local Spokane authorities worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as authorities located in several other states to apprehend 29 individuals suspected of making and selling opiates in an alleged drug ring.

Search warrants were issued and more than two dozen people were picked up on federal drug charges that may subject them to serious consequences if they are convicted. Drug offenses can be punishable with significant periods of incarceration that can rob a person of his rights for many years. Officials suspect that more people may be caught with ties to this ring and that the year-long investigation may continue into the future.

Many of the people arrested in this sting are from Spokane and the surrounding area. In the wake of the coordinated law enforcement effort, locals who are facing their own drug charges may be wondering what they should do to prepare to face their criminal charges.

The assistance of a criminal defense attorney who practices in Washington can be invaluable to a person preparing his defense strategy for court. Though working with an attorney is not a requirement, the knowledge that lawyers bring to trial can provide a defendant with better resources for meeting his legal challenges head-on and more opportunities for securing a favorable outcome.

Source:, "Dozens arrested in multi-state drug raids," March 13, 2014

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