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Convicted felon faces domestic violence charges

Intimate relationships are often put to the test through numerous problems that can escalate into heated arguments if left unresolved. Spokane, Washington, residents are familiar with domestic violence cases that can occur between married spouses. A simple misunderstanding can result in one person hitting their partner, resulting in injury in some cases.

A convicted felon was recently arrested on domestic violence charges for allegedly hitting his wife on October 6. Based on the report, the 40-year-old suspect punched his wife's arm repeatedly. The woman's arm became swollen and immobile after the attack. According to the suspect, he hit his wife after the woman attempted to grab his head and the steering wheel while he was driving. The suspect added that his wife also attempted to hit him using a glass bottle. The suspect was charged with carrying a concealed pistol without a license, assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Domestic violence charges come with stiff penalties and fines. The suspect could be forced to leave the home and stay away from the victim due to a restraining order, if convicted. Firearms owned by the suspect would be confiscated in the event of conviction. Additionally, the community, in which the suspect lives, would probably always see him as an abuser.

Many domestic violence cases stem from a simple misunderstanding. Police may act according to the laws without even considering the fact that the couple could have been discussing something before the fight broke. Family matters can be settled within the home.

If the charges have already been filed, it is important for the suspect to protect their rights to avoid serious consequences. People who are under suspicion of domestic violence charges should begin to craft a criminal defense strategy as soon as possible.

Source:, "Kennewick man arrested for assault, gun possession," Kristin Kraemer, March 27, 2014

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