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One man faces kidnapping charge in Spokane, Washington

Readers in Spokane, Washington, know that different criminal charges may fall into different categories of severity. A person who has committed an offense may face a misdemeanor charge, or if the crimes are deemed serious, he or she is likely to face federal charges. The latter type of criminal charge is handled by federal investigators, gathering substantial evidence before they press charges against the suspect. Federal courts use different sentencing guidelines compared to state courts. Negotiation, which is one way to reduce the charges, may appear less likely inside a federal court.

Spokane police recently apprehended an Airway Heights man and accused the man of raping and kidnapping a 2-year-old boy who was mistakenly identified by the suspect as a 7-year-old girl. The suspect maintained he found a child who seemed abused roaming on the street very early in the morning. He stated that he wanted to help the child locate its parents so he drove the child to his apartment, gave the child a snack and then returned to a convenience store to enlist a store clerk to help find the child's parents.

However, the child's parents found the child to be missing and reported the incident to authorities. According to the parents, the suspect did not have permission to take their child, who is a 2-year-old boy, anywhere and they did not know the suspect.

According to authorities, the suspect had been accused of a number of charges, including lewd conduct, child luring and stalking.

Transporting a person from one location to another can lead to a kidnapping charge. In this case, the suspect has the right to a strong criminal defense to contest the serious charges leveled against him. An intrepid criminal defense attorney can help the accused craft a defense to combat the damaging allegations made against him. Any Spokane resident facing a similar charge can seek legal guidance to minimize the chances of a criminal conviction.

Source:, "Airway Heights man arrested on kidnapping, child rape charges," Rob Kauder, April 2, 2014

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