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Daughter and boyfriend charged in Spokane Valley woman's death

In every state, Washington included, police officers routinely respond to and thoroughly investigate reports of crimes such as murder, homicide and kidnapping.

In Spokane Valley, even after having made two arrests, police are continuing to investigate a recent case of homicide in which a woman's badly beaten body was found inside the trunk of her own car.

The victim had been missing since April 7. After 2 weeks of investigation, police found the victim's body covered in plastic and sheets. Two people were arrested - the victim's 29-year-old daughter and her 32-year-old boyfriend.

Police are still trying to unravel details of the woman's death as both suspects have different statements about the killing and who was responsible, with each side blaming the other The male suspect allegedly accused his girlfriend of fatally stabbing and striking the victim. The female suspect claims her boyfriend was the assailant and that he ordered her to hide a baseball bat used in the assault. Police suspect the woman assisted her boyfriend in putting the victim's body in the trunk of her car. They believe the murder happened in a rental storage unit.

The boyfriend is facing charges of second-degree murder, and the woman has been charged with trafficking stolen property and rendering criminal assistance.

Washington residents should note that people who are questioned or arrested on criminal charges can refuse to answer questions without the presence of an attorney. Doing so will help them preserve their rights while they wait for legal representation. Making any statement about how a crime was committed may end up harming their case.

Legal professionals may understand the details of a case and the charges against a defendant and help that person explore every avenue that could lead to dismissal or reduction of charges or acquittal if a case goes to trial.

Source:, "Boyfriend accused of killing girlfriend's mother in Spokane Valley," April 25, 2014

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