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July 2014 Archives

Former Huskies' football coach arrested for domestic violence

Spokane criminal charges for anyone are serious, but when they involve well-known individuals, they can damage a person's reputation beyond repair. Of particular concern are accusations of domestic violence, which includes various forms of emotional and physical abuse of spouses or other family members.

State Supreme Court nixes police search and dismisses charges

Anywhere in the country, including Washington, law enforcement officers have the authority to stop motorists and anyone else using public roadways. Police authority, however, is not unlimited and cannot violate an individual's civil rights without due process. An officer can stop and search a person but only when there is probable cause for such a search.

Spokane man accused of using large knife in burglary and rape

Violent crimes in which deadly weapons are used seriously threaten community security whether in Washington or Delaware. This is why local governments and law enforcement authorities do their best to curb weapons crimes in order to keep residents safe. For this reason, criminal charges involving weapons are felonies and carry far more serious consequences for anyone convicted of them.

Spokane man arrested on sex charges released without bail

Just the simple allegation of criminal conduct can change someone's life. In Washington, like elsewhere in the country, the impact can be compounded if the allegations involve children or minors. Crimes such as child sexual abuse, sex trafficking and sexual assault can result in substantial prison time and other harsh consequences for anyone convicted of them.