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What you need to know when being charged with a federal crime

For much of life, what you don't know won't hurt you. When it comes to federal criminal charges, however, what you don't know could hurt you a great deal. Federal crimes such as those involving computers, child abduction and child pornography carry more serious penalties than many state crimes. Although the consequences vary by crime, a convicted defendant is likely to suffer serious long-term consequences.

The federal government has substantial resources at its disposal to investigate criminal allegations. Investigators may gather evidence that is hard for criminal defense attorneys to effectively challenge. The best approach to an FBI investigation is to cooperate rather than risk more serious charges and tougher sentences. However, our criminal defense attorneys have the right to conduct an investigation as well. This allows us to challenge the evidence and determine if it was gathered without violating a defendant's rights.

Time is precious when it comes to facing federal criminal allegations. Federal prosecutors and law enforcement officers usually spend months building a case against a defendant. Any individual who suspects that charges will be filed against him or her should cooperate with defense attorneys before any federal indictment is handed down. This allows a defendant more time to find more ways to challenge federal prosecutors.

Typically, federal prosecutors will gather evidence that they consider strong enough to build their case before they press charges. However, our criminal defense team understands the situation a defendant is likely facing. Our team's insights into federal criminal defense practices allow us to find ways to defend your rights from unfair prosecution in the federal court, including aggressively challenging evidence and any federal witnesses. For more insights, check our federal criminal defense page.

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