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Washington man taken into custody for alleged shooting in Spokane

The safety of its residents is a primary concern for authorities in Washington and throughout the United States. For this reason, the authorities are expected to treat every alleged criminal act seriously, including a simple assault charge. There are various laws enacted in prosecuting assault and weapon-related crimes in the state. One of these laws is Washington's three strikes law, which can elevate the potential penalties of violent crime charges.

Washington's three strikes law typically affects criminal cases that involve assault, battery and weapon crimes. Upon conviction, three separate incidents of serious felony crimes may result in life in prison without parole.

In Spokane, Washington, a 45-year-old man may experience the three strikes law firsthand following his arrest on drive-by shooting and first-degree assault charges. According to the report, Spokane police received a report regarding shots fired in North Mayfair. Shortly after receiving that call, police received calls about a bicycle accident in the same area. The authorities responded to the incident, but failed to locate the suspect or the victim. The two were located after police learned that the victim was at a local hospital. The alleged suspect in the incident was located several blocks away from the scene. He was taken into custody after the police identified the alleged perpetrator in the shooting, along with the vehicle used to leave the scene.

Considering the stakes are high when facing assault charges in Washington, it is vital that defendants contest the charges issued against them. Doing so may allow them to obtain a reasonable outcome in the case.

Source: KREM Channel 2, "Spokane Police arrest a drive by shooting and assault suspect in North Spokane," Sept. 6, 2014

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