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Alleged luring incidents lead to arrest of Spokane Valley man

Law enforcement officers throughout Washington are alert not only to people who have already committed crimes but also to those who may be attempting crimes that endanger the safety of other citizens. For this reason, suspicious incidents and even allegations of suspicious conduct can end with an individual facing criminal charges and serious consequences if convicted.

A case in point is the recent arrest of a 38-year-old Spokane Valley man by Spokane County deputies after he allegedly tried to lure females into his vehicle on three separate occasions within a month. Deputies allege that the suspect tried to coerce one woman and two teenage girls into riding in his SUV and intimidated them when they refused. The first incident happened in East Mission when the adult woman was approached at a bus stop. The woman said the driver threatened to drag her into his vehicle but backed off when another man at the scene realized what was happening.

The second and third alleged incidents involved 13- and 15-year-old girls. Both girls told deputies similar stories, saying the man approached in his vehicle and asked if they wanted a ride. He left after they refused.

Police arrested the suspect after victims identified him from a photo lineup. All three victims gave similar descriptions of the suspect. The accused has a criminal history, including a 2013 charge of kidnapping with sexual motivation.

Any criminal allegation can hurt a person's life personally and professionally. Whether it involves a simple theft or something more serious such as the alleged attempts to lure the three victims in this case, the penalties on conviction are serious. However, anyone facing such criminal accusations should remember they have constitutional rights they can assert through a strong criminal defense.

Source: KHQ Q6, "Man arrested for series of luring in Spokane Valley," Luke Thoburn, Oct. 18, 2014

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