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We can give you the strength to face drug charges and prevail

As is the case with any criminal charge, the consequences of a drug conviction can be serious and include time in jail or prison, as well as substantial fines. For Washington residents, substantial time behind bars following a drug arrest may seem like a foregone conclusion, but the criminal justice system requires the state to prove not only the commission of a crime, but also the participation of the person charged.

The constitutional right of due process begins immediately. Mere arrest does not mean that a defendant is guilty. Our firm believes that any individual accused of a crime is innocent until a judge or jury says otherwise, based on clear and abundant evidence presented by prosecutors. We understand that facing drug charges is emotionally difficult, so we use our comprehensive knowledge of drug crimes to provide a defendant with the strength to fight the charges before and during trial.

Where an individual has been charged with possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute, we will tackle the facts and closely examine the evidence used by prosecutors to determine if the charges are appropriate under Washington's criminal statutes. Usually, prosecutors file charges for drug possession with intent to distribute if the amount of drug seized was large enough to merit the charge. If the amount of the drugs found is only suitable for personal use, the intent to distribute charge would be excessive and an exaggerated assessment of the evidence. If so, we can use that error in judgment by prosecutors to work out strategies that question both their actions and their reasonableness.

Conviction of a drug crime may bring severe consequences, but a defendant often has the ability have those penalties lessened, particularly if inappropriate actions by law enforcement agents or prosecutors are involved. Our drug crime page can teach you more about drug offenses and defenses.

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