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December 2014 Archives

Insurance fraud, types and statistics for Washington residents

Insurance fraud is causing many headaches for Americans. Measuring the amount of insurance fraud can be difficult because no national agency keeps track of such crimes. The following statistics and research are the only ones available that may portray the growing national problem of insurance fraud crime.

How does the Controlled Substances Act affect drug charges?

Over the decades, the U.S. Congress has established a wide array of crimes involving drugs. Whether they come from the production, distribution or consumption of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates or other controlled substances, drug charges have serious consequences for anyone who is convicted. Frequently, however, penalties are lesser when smaller amounts of these substances are involved, but laws that regulate these controlled substances in the United States still apply.

Understanding vehicular assault

An assault charge can stem for all kinds of incidents, not just violent fights. This criminal charge may also stem from a motor vehicle accident. According to Washington State law, vehicular assault charges can be filed against any driver in Washington State if the driver causes injury to another due to his or her operation of a vehicle. However, several factors are considered to determine if a driver should be charged with vehicular assault.