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Establishing a strong defense against weapons charges

The state of Washington recognizes the risks associated with weapons and firearms and they are strictly regulated within the state. Violating the firearm and weapon laws could mean serious penalties and consequences to a defendant.

As you can see on our weapons crimes page, what may seem like a simple weapons charge may lead to more offenses and result in long-term consequences. It can affect your employment opportunities, future endeavors and your entire career. If the defendant is a minor, the arrest would result in a public stigma, which can affect the future of the individual.

The main goal of our legal team is to minimize the long-term effects of a weapons arrest. Whether the charges result in short or long-term consequences, we will listen to your story and provide the appropriate criminal defense.

When it comes to a criminal defense, weapon-related crimes are similar to drug charges. The investigation of the law enforcement may fall into these two categories: illegal delivery or distribution and illegal possession.

For cases of illegal possession of a firearm, our legal team will challenge the search conducted by the police. Evidence obtained by the prosecution and used against the defendant will be contested as well. We will also challenge whether the defendant knew that the firearm they possessed was illegal. Establishing that a search was illegal is also our specialty in fighting the prosecution's allegations.

Regardless of whether the weapons charge is associated with committing a crime, securing the defendant's rights from aggravated charges and mistreatment in the court may ensure the best possible outcome for the case.

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