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January 2015 Archives

How Washington's concealed weapon law works

Firearms and violence are a common problem in some parts of Washington State. As a result, the legislature has enacted various laws regarding weapons possession and provided law enforcement officers with the power to enforce those laws. Many violent crimes, such as robbery, murder and assault, are often committed using firearms. Some people are disturbed enough by the possibility of becoming a victim that they want the freedom to carry a conceal weapons in public.

How Washington domestic violence law affects criminal cases?

Every individual in Spokane, Washington, has their own point of view and interpretation of why events happen, and this is particularly true when dealing with an alleged domestic violence incidence. Sometimes, a simple argument may be is misjudged and escalated to a domestic violence accusation. Disagreements and arguments may be part of most personal relationships. However, a simple fight can be easily be misinterpreted as spousal abuse or domestic assault if physical violence is present.

Protecting the rights of those accused of drug crimes

Drug offenses range from simple possession of controlled substances to serious felony crimes involving drug manufacturing, distribution and the sale of controlled substances such as methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin. The potential consequences for these drug crimes in Washington are serious for those who are convicted. The penalties are typically severe, depending on the nature of the drug charge and the amount and value of the illegal drugs involved. No matter the seriousness of the charges, an alleged drug offender has the right to mount a criminal defense.

Pasco murder suspects arrested in Spokane

Criminal charges can change a person's life for years, if not forever. The consequences are even greater for felony crimes such as murder. This was the alleged crime that led two Pasco individuals, a man and a woman, to be arrested recently in Spokane.