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Protecting the rights of those accused of drug crimes

Drug offenses range from simple possession of controlled substances to serious felony crimes involving drug manufacturing, distribution and the sale of controlled substances such as methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin. The potential consequences for these drug crimes in Washington are serious for those who are convicted. The penalties are typically severe, depending on the nature of the drug charge and the amount and value of the illegal drugs involved. No matter the seriousness of the charges, an alleged drug offender has the right to mount a criminal defense.

Our Spokane law firm is familiar with the impact of drug-related crimes on Washington communities. Our considerable experience in handling drug crime cases has enabled us to understand the challenges associated with drug charges. We understand that prosecutors often approach these cases with more zeal than evidence. Because of this, we know that many people charged with drug crimes are not guilty.

Legally, every defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In reality, sometimes defendants are accused by prosecutors with little evidence, and sometimes defendants are convicted based on inadequately presented defenses. Our commitment is to protect every defendant's right to a fair trial whenever we handle drug cases because we understand how serious the repercussions are to anyone who is convicted. We listen to every defendant's story and testimony and examine the evidence that prosecutors present and then establish the best defense possible. We also recognize that prosecutors often have different interpretations of laws that disregard a defendant's constitutional rights, and we work hard to secure those rights by aggressive questioning.

Incarceration and fines are two of the biggest consequences for anyone convicted of a drug offense. Because the emotional impact can be so devastating, we work hard to help a defendant find the strength to face such challenges.

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