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Overcoming Washingtonian challenges of federal criminal charges

Federal criminal charges are among the most serious that Americans, including Washington residents, can face. Federal criminal charges often carry stiffer penalties than their state charge counterparts. A broad range of crimes fall under the federal criminal statutes, including charges of nonviolent and violent crimes, but all are tried in federal courts.

Among nonviolent crimes, healthcare fraud has become a major problem the last few decades and appears to be growing because of the implementation of a federal healthcare law. Computer fraud is another nonviolent crime that is getting a lot of attention from federal prosecutors. Charges of violent crimes that are prosecuted in federal court include kidnapping and child abduction.

The nonviolent crimes that are of most interest to federal prosecutors include defrauding healthcare benefit programs, primarily Medicare. The typical crimes are overbilling and reimbursing for healthcare services that were never provided. A person convicted of healthcare fraud can go to prison for up to 10 years, as well as face stiff fines. If a healthcare offense results in injury to one or more persons, then longer prison sentences and higher fines are likely.

Being charged with a federal crime is both emotionally and psychologically difficult for any defendant. Our Spokane criminal law firm understands the challenges that federal charges pose. No defendant, however, can be convicted without undergoing due process that includes the ability to have defense counsel present during questioning and challenging alleged evidence gathered by prosecutors. Furthermore, prosecutors must prove a defendant's based on solid evidence.

From our years of experience in handling federal crimes, we know exactly how to contest prosecution arguments, and we know how evidence is often presented and interpreted for judges and juries. We know how to poke holes in prosecution cases and how to present contrasting cases that can get positive outcomes for our clients.

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