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Spokane man facing murder charge for alleged homicide

Homicide charges may have dire consequences for any resident of Spokane, Washington. However, what is perceived as homicide is not always a crime. There are situations in which the criminal charge arises from a case of self-defense or the wrong person is charged. Nevertheless, homicide incidents are prosecuted seriously, putting a defendant's freedom on the line.

Take, for example, the recent alleged homicide in Spokane, Washington. According to sources, a 32-year-old man was taken into custody, and is facing murder charges. The accused was initially charged with assault for a physical altercation with a 46-year-old acquaintance. That 46-year-old man was later found dead in his home. At first, the medical examiner stated that the injuries sustained by the victim during the assault could not have caused his death. But, he later concluded that the victim had been strangled, ruling the death a homicide.

Authorities initially arrested the suspect in November on suspicion of assault, burglary and robbery, after a neighbor of the alleged victim identified him. The victim's mother was also able to identify the suspect, who admitted to having an altercation with the victim. An argument does not equal murder and a solid defense team would need to investigate all facts in this case.

Murder charges can be emotionally and psychologically challenging for a defendant. Conviction for such a criminal charge may include large fines and extensive jail time but there are always two sides in a criminal case. Although homicide charges are very severe, the death may have been an act of self-defense, an accident or perpetrated by someone else. That is why it is vital for every defendant to enlist the help of a strong criminal defense.

Source: The Spokesman-Review, "Murder charge added for Spokane man arrested after assault," Rachel Alexander, Jan. 20, 2015

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