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How the Constitution protects Washington defendants

A Washington criminal investigation against an individual can be distressful and challenging. A criminal charge can lead to public stigma and alienation from family members, friends and the entire community. Even though an accused individual is not convicted, yet, the criminal arrest and allegation can ruin their reputation, employment records and eligibility to receive financial welfare from the government. However, people facing criminal allegations should remember that criminal defense law can protect them.

For starters, criminal defense law provides legal protection for those who are suspected of committing a crime. This law strikes a balance between the power and authority of the judicial system and the constitutional rights given to defendants. Our Washington-based law firm knows these rights well. Our firm strives to use a defendant's rights and give them an advantage in a criminal case.

A criminal charge filed against an individual is usually based on the evidence gathered by the authorities and assembled by the prosecution. This evidence may include confessions, statements by witnesses, tests conducted on the defendant and physical items. Some evidence may be strong enough to indict someone, but the collected evidence can not violate the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. Our team always informs our clients about the importance of this law and its potential relevance to their criminal case.

Defendants are granted many legal protections under the Constitution. Our criminal defense law firm uses these protections to our client's advantage to protect their rights and interests. Although the potential consequences of a criminal charge can be devastating, the criminal defense law may help ensure that a defendant will receive the due process of law without violating their rights.

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