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Spokane police charge local man with domestic violence assault

When a person in Spokane goes missing, there are usually a host of legal questions that arise. Sometimes there is suspicion of illegal activity surrounding a person's disappearance; the longer a person goes missing, the more likely those suspicions may involve the possibility of foul play. Fortunately, many missing individuals are located, but this does not always clear up the legal issues surrounding their disappearance.

Recently in Spokane, a witness reported a man carrying an unresponsive woman out to a vehicle. After the police received the witness account, they began searching for the man and his girlfriend, as well as for the pair's two children. Authorities located the four individuals the following morning; the children were not harmed but the woman reportedly went to a hospital for treatment. The man now faces charges of domestic violence - specifically, domestic violence assault in the second degree.

The case is under investigation, but a spokeswoman for the Spokane Police noted that police suspect additional incidents may have occurred in the past. Prior to the man's arrest, police had been to the home five times. Apparently, the woman's family had told police they hadn't heard from her in over a week. When police visited the home to check on the woman's welfare, they received no answer to their knocks on the door but could see the couple's vehicle parked at the home.

Criminal charges of domestic violence can carry serious consequences for a defendant. Local authorities tend to zealously pursue domestic violence convictions and a strong, assertive defense is often needed to protect a defendant's rights. A Spokane criminal defense attorney can offer advice and proactive counsel to anyone facing domestic violence charges in Spokane County.

Source: The Spokesman-Review, "Assault charges filed after missing woman found," Nina Culver, March 21, 2015

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