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Domestic violence charges and Washington's diverse households

Unless one has been charged with domestic violence or a related crime, it's easy to imagine the charges only affect certain types of people and households. Contrary to popular belief, charges of domestic violence don't just affect those who are married or living with a current or former romantic partner.

The state of Washington defines domestic violence as various types of harm or assault inflicted by one "family or household member" upon another. However, there are various individuals that the state describes as family or household members. These include spouses, of course, but also former spouses, adults related either by blood or by marriage, current and former domestic partners and adults who are currently living together or who have shared a residence in the past. The list also includes individuals who have a child together; these individuals do not have to have ever been married or lived together in the past.

As a result of Washington's expansive definition of family or household members, domestic violence charges can impact a wide range of Spokane residents. Accusations of bodily injury need not come from a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend in order to dramatically affect a defendant's life. When one is facing these potentially damaging allegations, a Spokane criminal defense lawyer can be a knowledgeable and assertive ally.

At Partovi Law P.S., attorney David Partovi uses his past experience representing domestic violence defendants to assert his client's rights under the law. Just because someone has been accused of domestic assault does not mean their rights no longer exist, although this is often how it feels for confused and intimidated defendants. A skilled criminal defense attorney understands the prosecution's tactics and will not hesitate to ensure his client's side of the story has been heard. With domestic violence charges coming from multiple sources nowadays, it can be highly beneficial to secure an attorney who has already successfully handled a manifold of domestic violence cases in eastern Washington.

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