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June 2015 Archives

What is "stalking" under Washington law?

When a Spokane resident thinks of domestic violence, they likely picture a scenario wherein one person is physically harming another. The state of Washington, however, also includes the stalking of one family or household member by another in its definition of domestic violence. Those who face allegations of stalking a household or family member may eventually find themselves facing charges of domestic violence. In order to understand these charges, it's helpful to learn how the state defines stalking behavior.

Lawfully carrying a concealed pistol in Washington

Eastern Washington is home to numerous outdoors and sporting enthusiasts, as well as many local residents who want to protect themselves and their property. What these groups have in common is that many of them will apply for a Washington State concealed pistol license. Carrying a weapon must be done lawfully, or else the individual may face weapons charges.

How does possession differ from intent to distribute?

In any criminal case, demonstrating intent is a challenge for the prosecution. Nevertheless, Washington State tends to zealously pursue drug charges against individuals for intent to distribute illegal substances. How does the crime of intent to distribute differ from simple drug possession?