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Lawfully carrying a concealed pistol in Washington

Eastern Washington is home to numerous outdoors and sporting enthusiasts, as well as many local residents who want to protect themselves and their property. What these groups have in common is that many of them will apply for a Washington State concealed pistol license. Carrying a weapon must be done lawfully, or else the individual may face weapons charges.

Washington law specifies that, if approved, one's concealed pistol license will allow a person to carry a concealed pistol for certain purposes: personal protection, sport or use in business or travel. Those who wish to apply for a concealed pistol license may be interested in knowing whether they qualify. There are many restrictions on who can obtain a concealed pistol license in Washington; for example, residents who cannot possess a firearm per federal law are also unable to do so under Washington's concealed carry laws.

Being ineligible due to federal law is just one potential disqualification, however. Residents will not obtain a concealed carry license if they are under the age of 21, if they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest or if they have a concealed pistol license that is currently revoked. In addition, those desiring to obtain a license cannot be subject to certain injunctions or court orders related to firearms. Moreover, a person who is out on bond or personal recognizance regarding a pending trial, sentencing or appeal for a felony crime is also unable to obtain a concealed pistol license in Washington. Finally, individuals who have been ordered to forfeit a firearm per state law within the past year will not be eligible for a concealed pistol license.

No one wants to be accused of committing a crime, but that's exactly what can happen when Spokane residents possess firearms in violation of state or federal laws. Gun offenses are taken seriously by prosecutors, but those who have been accused of weapons possession, felony gun charges or similar charges can receive advocacy from an assertive criminal defense attorney.

Source: Washington State Legislature, "Concealed pistol license - application - fee - renewal," accessed June 12, 2015

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