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August 2015 Archives

Men from Washington and Idaho face federal drug charges

While the state of Washington is often viewed as lenient when it comes to drug crimes, the truth is that local residents can still face serious drug charges despite the high-profile legalization of marijuana. Recently, a trio of men from both Washington and Idaho were arrested on federal drug charges following an indictment from a federal grand jury. If convicted, the men could face several years in prison.

Are there any restrictions once WA gun rights are restored?

Gun rights are important to many Spokane residents, whether their weapon is used for sporting, personal protection or as part of a collection. Certain legal situations, though, can spur the state to take away one's gun rights. These include being convicted of specific offenses or being committed via court order for mental health treatment. However, in certain instances, Washington State residents who have had their gun rights taken away by the state can have these rights restored.

Initiative 502: Marijuana's status in Washington

It is now fairly well known that Washington is one of the few states to have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana. However, this does not mean that there are zero restrictions on marijuana cultivation and use in the state. Marijuana in Washington is actually highly-regulated and those who buy, sell, grow or use the drug can benefit from familiarizing themselves with Washington's laws on the subject. Those unfamiliar with relatively new state laws may end up facing drug charges if they don't know about key restrictions.

Fighting back against assault and battery charges

Random and unforeseen circumstances affect life in countless ways. From the unexpected auto accident that results in injury to the raffle win that culminates in a windfall, unanticipated events happen every day. Unfortunately, in some cases these events can prove tragic or result in criminal charges for the person or persons involved.