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Are there any restrictions once WA gun rights are restored?

Gun rights are important to many Spokane residents, whether their weapon is used for sporting, personal protection or as part of a collection. Certain legal situations, though, can spur the state to take away one's gun rights. These include being convicted of specific offenses or being committed via court order for mental health treatment. However, in certain instances, Washington State residents who have had their gun rights taken away by the state can have these rights restored.

Since a resident to whom this situation applies is likely to have many questions about the restoration of gun rights, it may be wise to seek legal advice from a weapons crimes attorney. Facing felony gun charges or other weapons charges can be intimidating, but defendants don't have to face these allegations alone.

There are important restrictions when it comes to the restoration of gun rights in Washington State. These include the fact that, in many cases, federal law will still preclude a Washington resident from owning a firearm, even if their state gun rights have been successfully restored. Thus, a person whose state gun rights have been restored can potentially be prosecuted for weapons charges under federal law. Moreover, state restoration is not a defense in federal court if one is facing federal charges.

Just as state and federal laws differ, laws between states also differ. Spokane residents may find that even though their gun rights have been restored in Washington, they may be prohibited from owning a gun in surrounding states. State-level restoration of rights is also not a valid defense if charged with weapons crimes in another state.

It's also important to note that gun rights restoration in Washington does not translate into any sort of firearms license. Residents may still need to obtain concealed pistol licenses or similar licenses or permits in order to carry a gun or use it in certain areas. Finally, restoration of gun rights does not mean that a person's prior criminal conviction, if applicable, will be expunged due to the restoration.

Source: Superior Court of Washington, "Order and certificate restoring right to possess firearms under RCW chapter 9.41," accessed Aug. 15, 2015

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