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Fighting back against assault and battery charges

Random and unforeseen circumstances affect life in countless ways. From the unexpected auto accident that results in injury to the raffle win that culminates in a windfall, unanticipated events happen every day. Unfortunately, in some cases these events can prove tragic or result in criminal charges for the person or persons involved.

In the state of Washington, assault charges can result from a variety of circumstances; usually, the people involved never imagined they'd be pressing or facing assault or battery charges. For instance, a night out with friends can turn into a legal situation when alcohol is combined with conflict and a fight erupts. In the same type of scenario, someone coming to the aid of another, whether the person needing help is a friend or a complete stranger, might find themselves facing assault charges if their actions are misunderstood.

Likewise, Spokane residents attempting to defend themselves might also encounter allegations of assault. Depending on the severity of injuries and whether or not a weapon was involved, a person can be charged with fourth through first degree assault. In addition, vehicular assault accusations may be leveled at some drivers; if convicted on these charges, a driver can face serious consequences.

Fortunately, those who find themselves suddenly facing any of the types of assault charges can ally with an experienced criminal defense attorney. At Partovi Law, finding help is easy. A free consultation is available and information can be offered in Spanish if need be.

Once a criminal defense attorney has been retained, a defendant can begin the process of fighting back against false or exaggerated allegations. Skilled attorneys know how to delve into the facts of a case in order to bring the entire story to light, not just the prosecutor's version of events. Attorney David Partovi can represent clients in both state and federal court, and will tirelessly work with a client to help a judge or jury understand their side of the story.

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