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Protecting your future with a Spokane drug crimes attorney

Many people in Spokane have likely done something in their youth that they wouldn't do again. Whether it involved driving recklessly or partying too much or experimenting with drugs, these types of choices are often ones that would not be made as adults. Nevertheless, even if one is a legal adult age 18 or older, it's possible to make choices that will haunt one long into adulthood.

One such choice, of course, is the use of illegal substances. Unfortunately, for many Washington residents, a simple drug possession charge can turn into a personal nightmare. There are serious consequences to any type of drug charge, not least of which is having a potential criminal record. Even having a misdemeanor on one's record may mean that, in the future, applying for a job or trying to rent an apartment can be a nerve-wracking experience.

How can one help ensure that their future is as protected as possible after accusations of drug offenses? Securing the assistance of a criminal defense attorney can make a notable difference not only now, but in the future for anyone accused of a drug-related crime. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows the ins and outs of the Washington State legal system and knows how to boost a defendant's chances of reduced charges, dismissed charges or acquittals. In some instances, an attorney can help move the conclusion of a case towards a drug diversion program rather than more draconian punishments.

At Partovi Law, P.S., our attorneys have over a decade of criminal defense experience to benefit clients. A no-cost initial consultation is also available, so finding out one's options doesn't have to prove costly. Attorney David Partovi answers his own phone calls, so clients know they are going to obtain a personalized evaluation and an individualized solution. When accused of drug offenses, securing the right help can have a dramatic effect on one's future.

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