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December 2015 Archives

Female UFC fighter faces assault charges in Spokane

Going out for a night of drinks is something that many Spokane residents do on the weekends or during the holidays. Usually it's just a fun time and nothing more, but sometimes things go terribly wrong during what was supposed to be a festive evening. Recently, a Spokane resident and professional fighter was allegedly involved in a supposed bar fight at a downtown establishment.

Penalties for federal drug trafficking charges

Since Washington loosened its marijuana possession laws less than two years ago, many of us have become accustomed to the idea that some drug laws are not as rigid as they used to be. However, it's important to remember that drug charges remain very serious for most other types of recreational drugs. For other drug related crimes, the penalties can be severe.

Federal crimes and the role of a U.S. District Court

Most Spokane-area residents who are charged with a crime will probably be charged at the local level - that is, a Spokane police officer, or an officer of another local city, will likely be the one to initiate charges against someone. This tends to be true whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony; it is also true regarding the common civil traffic offenses that many people have had to deal with at one point or another.

Spokane policeman charged with second-degree rape

People tend to have certain misconceptions regarding those who have been charged with a crime. Some might assume that those facing criminal charges are on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum or are uneducated and so on. In reality, people from all walks of life can find themselves in trouble with the law. Recently, a Spokane police sergeant was charged with rape in the second degree, demonstrating how even those tasked with upholding the law can become pursued by it and thus in need of a criminal defense.

Assault charges and weapons in Washington State

Certain criminal offenses, such as assault, carry strict penalties on their own if defendants are convicted. However, when authorities suspect that the defendant has used a weapon in the situation, the penalties can become much worse. In Washington State, using a firearm in certain situations may lead to a charge of first-degree assault.