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Female UFC fighter faces assault charges in Spokane

Going out for a night of drinks is something that many Spokane residents do on the weekends or during the holidays. Usually it's just a fun time and nothing more, but sometimes things go terribly wrong during what was supposed to be a festive evening. Recently, a Spokane resident and professional fighter was allegedly involved in a supposed bar fight at a downtown establishment.

Early on a Sunday morning, police were called to Zola's in Spokane in order to quell an alleged fight. Spokane officers arrested Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Julianna Pena as well as one other individual. Pena is now facing assault charges. The two counts, if followed by a criminal conviction, could carry up to $5,000 in fines as well as up to a year in jail. While Pena was initially booked in a local jail, she was released about 12 hours later on bail of $2,000.

For their part, the UFC says they are reviewing the situation. They noted they are currently gathering additional information regarding the circumstances in order to determine whether or not they will punish Pena. The female fighter is ranked in the top ten of the UFC's Bantamweight division and is a former winner of the Ultimate Fighter title.

Whether it's for a misdemeanor or a felony, a criminal conviction can have serious consequences for any Washington resident. A person may have a high-profile career, a professional reputation or may just be looking for a job -- in any event, having a criminal record can prove costly. A skilled criminal defense attorney can chart a course for avoiding a conviction or minimizing its consequences.

Source: KHQ Right Now, "UFC's Julianna Pena arrested on assault charges after Spokane bar fight," Nichole Mischke, Dec. 21, 2015

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