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Spokane policeman charged with second-degree rape

People tend to have certain misconceptions regarding those who have been charged with a crime. Some might assume that those facing criminal charges are on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum or are uneducated and so on. In reality, people from all walks of life can find themselves in trouble with the law. Recently, a Spokane police sergeant was charged with rape in the second degree, demonstrating how even those tasked with upholding the law can become pursued by it and thus in need of a criminal defense.

Apparently, the alleged incident took place at a party hosted by another police officer. A total of three officers were mentioned as being either involved in the incident itself or hindering the investigation in some way. Another officer has been charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer and first-degree rendering criminal assistance. According to detectives working on the investigation, that officer tipped-off the man charged with rape that a search warrant was imminent. For his part, the officer who supposedly hosted the party has not faced any charges.

The sergeant charged with rape has since turned himself in to the Spokane County Jail. According to Mayor Condon, the felony-level criminal charge will be reviewed by an internal review panel. The panel's activation is required by the discipline process of the Civil Service. Once the panel has reached a conclusion, noted Condon, immediate action will be taken. Spokane's mayor also mentioned there is zero tolerance for this type of behavior, although it remains to be seen exactly what will happen to the officer accused of rape.

A criminal conviction on rape or sexual assault charges can lead to serious penalties. Rape in the second degree is a Class A felony in Washington state, and this type of crime can involve prison time and other harsh punishments. In addition, the damage to one's reputation if a conviction occurs may be extreme. Construction of an assertive criminal defense is possible with the help of an attorney experienced in sexual assault and felony criminal cases.

Source: KHQ, "Spokane police officer charged with 2nd degree rape," Luke Thoburn, Dec. 2, 2015

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