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January 2016 Archives

Teen gets hit by Spokane police car, faces drug charges

As mentioned in last week's post, police misconduct has featured in the news prominently recently. Whether conducting an illegal search and seizure or infringing on the rights of a suspect, unlawful police behavior may come under intense scrutiny. Last month in Spokane, a teenager was driving when his vehicle was struck by a police car. However, the teen was the one who left the scene facing criminal charges.

Federal drug charges can intimidate, but help is available

Regardless of whether one lives in Washington, Idaho or any other state in the U.S., federal law is something that everyone must abide by. In Washington, where some marijuana use is legal, residents may still find themselves facing federal drug charges related to marijuana or narcotics. When this happens, a Spokane criminal defense attorney can provide invaluable representation in the midst of intimidating charges.

Combating weapons charges easier with trusted counsel

Gun rights are a hot topic across the U.S. right now, especially in areas like Washington where the sporting life of the outdoors often goes hand in hand with owning a firearm. When one is a gun owner, one enjoys certain rights but also has key responsibilities. When gun ownership goes wrong, the person is possession of a firearm can face damaging weapons charges. What can a person do to protect against overzealous prosecution?

Federal drug charges and the Constitution's Supremacy Clause

Terms such as "supremacy clause" might remind some residents of their days in school, learning about the U.S. Constitution and memorizing specific elements. Some parts of the Constitution, though, have the ability to affect some Washington residents' daily lives, particularly if those residents use marijuana for either medical or recreational reasons. As many may know, both medical and recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, though there are many exceptions. Still, it is possible to face federal drug charges over marijuana use even if such use is within the boundaries of state laws on the subject.