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Combating weapons charges easier with trusted counsel

Gun rights are a hot topic across the U.S. right now, especially in areas like Washington where the sporting life of the outdoors often goes hand in hand with owning a firearm. When one is a gun owner, one enjoys certain rights but also has key responsibilities. When gun ownership goes wrong, the person is possession of a firearm can face damaging weapons charges. What can a person do to protect against overzealous prosecution?

Just as guns are a source of protection, so is the law. A Spokane criminal defense attorney with experience resolving weapons crimes can be a valuable protector of a Washington resident's rights. There are stiff penalties for weapons-related offenses, whether one is facing federal gun charges, accusations of possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony or allegations of robbery or assault using a deadly weapon. For the accused, the criminal justice system can seem overwhelming and incredibly confusing. Having trusted counsel by one's side can be an immense advantage, however.

What many may not realize regarding weapons charges is the fact that just having a criminal charge can potentially damage one's reputation. Applying for a job can be a daunting task when prospective employers can see that one has been charged with a weapons offense, and the same is true regarding housing applications. If one secures a criminal defense attorney immediately after being formally accused of committing a crime, the legal professional can get to work right away on getting charges dropped or reduced.

Attorney David Partovi is skilled making clear a defendant's side of the story. In a weapons offense case, there may be conflicting accounts of what happened and why. Partovi Law has handled numerous gun crimes cases and can highlight elements favorable to the defendant so that the jury or judge hears the entire story. Partovi's experience handling assault, domestic violence, homicide and DUI cases ensures familiarity with all aspects of criminal defense. With the right help, those facing weapons charges can work to protect their rights.

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