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February 2016 Archives

Local man charged with DUI, assault and child molestation

Facing a single criminal charge is a daunting predicament, but facing multiple felony offenses can be completely overwhelming. Recently, a local man found himself in serious trouble with the law after being involved in multiple car accidents and reportedly telling others he had been having inappropriate thoughts regarding minors. That man now faces extremely serious criminal charges and may be in need of a proactive defense.

Facing the future while also facing weapons charges

No matter which state a person lives in, he or she generally wants to avoid a criminal conviction at all costs if charged with a crime. However, not every defendant seeks out legal counsel; as a result, some local residents are left fending for themselves in the confusing arena of the criminal justice system. Since laws in both Washington mandate strict penalties for convictions on weapons charges, a defendant can be much better off enlisting an attorney.

What does Spokane's domestic violence police unit do?

Spokane takes domestic violence seriously. Anyone who has faced accusations of domestic violence is probably already familiar with the fact that even allegations can be intimidating or damaging. The city of Spokane, like many cities across Washington and the whole country, has a special police unit dedicated to resolving domestic violence problems.

The limits of gun rights restoration in Washington

Being accused of certain weapons crimes, such as felony gun charges or assault with a deadly weapon, can be a highly confusing experience. From figuring out the court system to understanding what one's rights are before the law, it helps to have experienced guidance. One of the topics that are often brought to the attention of criminal defense attorneys is the restoration of gun rights in Washington State.