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Local man charged with DUI, assault and child molestation

Facing a single criminal charge is a daunting predicament, but facing multiple felony offenses can be completely overwhelming. Recently, a local man found himself in serious trouble with the law after being involved in multiple car accidents and reportedly telling others he had been having inappropriate thoughts regarding minors. That man now faces extremely serious criminal charges and may be in need of a proactive defense.

The incident began when, on a recent Saturday, a man drove his vehicle into several other cars in downtown Spokane. According to media reports the 40-year-old chef rammed five other cars with his own Honda Civic until witnesses on the scene subdued him. According to police on the scene the man may have been under the influence of alcohol and rammed the other cars on purpose. Police charged the man with second degree assault, but he now faces even more charges.

Like many incidents nowadays, a cell phone video was involved in this man's legal situation. A cell phone video reportedly shows the man admitting to having inappropriate thoughts about minors. Court documents show that prior to the Valentine's Day weekend arrest, a minor filed allegations of sexual assault against the man. According to the man's wife, the man may have had a breakdown recently which could explain his erratic behavior while driving. Now, the man not only faces assault charges but also DUI and child molestation charges.

Facing the prospect of a felony criminal conviction is likely to send someone into a state of fear and confusion. Bringing the facts of one's situation to a Spokane defense attorney may be tremendously helpful for those facing serious allegations. With the advice of a competent legal advocate, one can be more confident in reaching a favorable plea negotiation, reduced charges, an acquittal or charges which are ultimately dismissed.

Source: KXLY Spokane, "Man arrested in crashes now charged with child molestation," Caiti Currey, Feb. 16, 2016

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