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The limits of gun rights restoration in Washington

Being accused of certain weapons crimes, such as felony gun charges or assault with a deadly weapon, can be a highly confusing experience. From figuring out the court system to understanding what one's rights are before the law, it helps to have experienced guidance. One of the topics that are often brought to the attention of criminal defense attorneys is the restoration of gun rights in Washington State.

It is possible for some individuals to have their gun rights restored in Washington. However, it can be quite complicated to even determine if one fits the requirements for getting certain gun rights restored. Speaking with an attorney can clarify the process and make applying much more manageable. There are many misconceptions about gun rights restoration; it may be helpful to know that, while a successful restoration of gun rights can bring many benefits to an individual, there are limits to the rights restored.

For example, if one gets one's gun rights restored in Washington that does not mean any federal gun rights are restored as well. State and federal law may be different and a person who has successfully restored their Washington gun rights could still be prosecuted under federal law. In addition, the same is true regarding other states - a person who has enjoyed a Washington restoration could still be prosecuted for illegal possession of a weapon in another state in some instances. Moreover, the fact that a person has had their gun rights restored here is not a defense to either federal prosecution or other states' prosecutions.

To learn more about gun rights restoration, it can be enlightening to speak with a knowledgeable defense attorney. A Spokane gun rights lawyer can also provide information regarding effective defenses for misdemeanor and felony charges, including robbery, assault, murder and others.

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