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Reminders regarding WA domestic violence court orders

Having a court order against another person is a very serious tool, one that is not taken lightly by Washington State courts. When it comes to domestic violence, there are four different types of court orders available to a victim. These include domestic violence orders of protection, anti-harassment orders, no contact orders and restraining orders.

A person who has a protective order against him or her may be facing serious domestic violence allegations, such as charges of spousal abuse or accusations of bodily injury. It's important to remember that a person does not have to face these allegations alone. A Spokane criminal defense attorney can serve as an advocate for a defendant in need of answers regarding the court order issued against them.

According to the Spokane County Clerk of the Superior Court, court orders are enforceable not just in Spokane County but throughout the entire state. Moreover, the court encourages victims to call 911 or the police if they believe the court order is being violated. While domestic violence is a damaging and often devastating problem in many relationships and families, false accusations do occur and may even be present in court orders. A defendant may need to tell his or her side of the story in order to avoid criminal charges or a domestic violence conviction.

Because these court orders can be enforced throughout the state, defendants must be careful to follow the provisions of any existing orders. Still, orders can be violated inadvertently and the repercussions for a defendant can take a situation from bad to worse. If a court order is issued against a man or woman in Washington, it may not be prudent to act in accordance with a lawyer's advice.

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