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Warding off the worst consequences of federal drug charges

The federal government is known for being tough on drug crimes. While various states, including Washington, have legalized marijuana to some degree, the federal government has not and, as a result, a resident of Washington or Idaho could face federal drug charges regarding marijuana or any number of other substances. When faced with these charges, what can a person do to help themselves?

Spokane drug charges lawyer David Partovi offers legal advice and assertive representation to those up against federal charges. The experienced team at Partovi Law, P.S. can assess one's situation in order to determine the best possible strategy for the best possible outcome. This may involve challenging evidence, statements, testimony or the conduct of the police. Federal drug crimes may involve undercover operations and these may need to be thoroughly scrutinized in order to determine their legitimacy before the law.

The prospect of federal court can be extremely intimidating, especially in light of federal sentencing guidelines known for their toughness. Contrary to what one might assume, the government has often taken a stricter stance toward drug penalties over the past few decades. As a result, a person facing federal charges related to illegal substances could be in serious trouble if they proceed without the necessary defenses.

Drug crimes lawyer David Partovi offers free consultations to those accused of a federal crime or other drug offenses. Partovi's other areas of practice involve defending against accusations of homicide, domestic violence, DUI and more. A wide variety of criminal defense experience buoys Partovi's representation of clients in both Washington and Idaho. Those wanting to know more about defending against federal charges can contact Partovi Law at their convenience.

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